what kind of event planner are you?

What Type of Planner Are You?(PART I) If you're reading this, you're probably considering a career as an event manager. You've probably given it a lot of thought, and know that you have what it takes to be able to plan meetings and events, weddings, trade shows, corporate outings, fundraisers, or non-profit events. The event industry is a large field to break into, so before you jump right in, be sure to give some thought to the type of planner you'd like to become. Here are some basic questions you've probably already answered when deciding on becoming a planner: -        Am I organized? -        Do I have good time management skills? -        Am I a good listener? -        Am I detail-oriented? -        Do I interact well with others? If you answered yes, good news, you're on the right track. Event planners are able to manage their time and their events in a very organized fashion. They have to be good listeners, in order to respect their clients wishes, and carry out the dreams that they have in mind for their events. Without good listening skills along with an eye for detail, ideas for an event can be miscommunicated and lost. Last but not least, you must interact well with others. You will be dealing with clients, negotiating with event sites, and communicating with high ranking executives. To be continued...
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