what kind of event planner are you? Part 2

What Type of Planner Are You? II Now that you know this is the field for you, what type of events do you want to plan? What types of events excite you? What would give you a sense of accomplishment? What do you have a passion for? There are two basic types of event managers, Corporate and Social. Corporate Events: Planning Corporate events may mean that you are part of a marketing or event team at a small or large company. It may include events such as conferences, meetings, trade shows, fundraisers, conventions, educational trainings, employee meetings, networking meetings, seminars, and more. Most corporate events have goals in mind whether it is to promote a new product, gain sales, or obtain new clients. Social Events: If you are responsible for planning social events, you may be planning weddings, various types of parties, celebrations, fundraisers, and more. Most social events do not have goals in mind like that of a Corporate event, but are usually organized to get family and friends together for celebrating milestones and special occasions. Whichever path in the event planning field you choose, be sure that the job you choose is the best fit for your skills, experience, and career goals.
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