Job Skills Needed In Fashion Designing

FOCUS-FASHION DESINING JOB SKILLS NEEDED IN FASHION DESIGNING The world of fashion design, to many people on the outside, might look exotic I mean you look at occassions like the MBGN pageants, spice fashion shows and with the growth of the entertainment industry(the cousin industry) in the country. However it has its own rules and laws, with creative professionals who possess a variety of specialties and talents. However, for those who are interested in working as a fashion designer, there are certain skills that will always be useful in the field and as such will always put a person in demand. Sketching One of the most basic skills required for a fashion designer is the ability to sketch designs. New clothing designs are always drawn, and the drawings are used as an example of what the fashion designer's concept for a new garment or accessory is. While basic, black and white sketching is a helpful skill, a proper understanding of color, color arrangements and how to apply them to a sketch is also necessary for those who wish to be fashion designers. Communication One of the most valuable skills a fashion designer can have is the ability to communicate well. Fashion designers who don't work alone need to be able to explain to their staff what jobs each of them is doing and to make sure that all workers have similar goals even though nigerians get away with bad consumer service and worker relationship, in the long run it always has a way of catching up and believe me lots of businesses in nigeria collapse because of the lack of simple communication. communication is also necessary when pitching new ideas to clients or bosses and for explaining to those same people how these clothes will be made and showing them your thought process as a designer. Sewing Fashion designers who expect to be taken seriously must know their way around the needle and thread. Even if a designer doesn't intend to be involved in actual manufacturing of the designs, because they have to interface with workers who will be doing the sewing, the designer must be familiar with sewing techniques and know which ones will be most efficient at bringing their designs to fruition. Computer Skills Though not strictly necessary, fashion designers who are familiar with digital design programs like virtual fashion,fashion assistant and poser will place themselves at a higher premium in the industry. The computer offers options that, no matter how skilled, an artist using a pencil and paper would find nearly impossible to duplicate. Also, as in other fields that employ artists, images are often transferred through email and archived electronically in the fashion design world. So, those who can design on a computer will be one up on those who cannot. Experience and Training No matter how naturally skilled a fashion designer might be, it's often necessary to prove this to their prospective employers. Attending a fashion-design school or earning a fashion-design degree is a good investment for those who want to work in the field. Additionally, any experience that a person has should be included on a resume, and prospective fashion designers should also put together a portfolio of their work. Though not a skill, these are often important, necessary things that any prospective fashion designer should possess
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