Hello there, Welcome to Brain explosion its fun, it’s enlightening, it works and it might just be worth your while The brain explosion thread with the vision of creating an ideas bank where people get knowledge and experience before embarking on a business /career Nigeria is an open market where any ideas sells so this thread is where you show up with your new fresh ideas and have our fellow Nigerians rate it, enhance it and most importantly learn about it This is how it works: Pick a business sector e.g: entertainment Select an interest from that sector e:g stage theatrics Drop a little description of what you want to achieve in this sector(optional) Then watch the unveiling of the niches, ideas and industrial approach everything needed to get your message across Everyone is invited to the brain explosion whether you are in school or out of school, young or old brain explosion is open to every demographic To join us follow us on BBM channel: C003A5983 Twitter : @Koboheightsnaija Facebook: k.innovation inc Nairaland : #BrainExplosion
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