How To Write A Broadcast Script

How to Write Broadcast Scripts. Broadcast scripts are meant to be heard and should be easy to read. As a writer, it is your duty to make your script friendly to both the listening audience and the people reading the script out loud. Follow these basic guidelines for writing a broadcast script. Instructions (1)The writing should be casual and conversational. Broadcast writing is aimed toward the listener. (2) Create an outline, listing the highlights and main points of the story. (3) Write the introduction. This should introduce the story to the listener in an entertaining way, to "hook" them into listening to the rest of the story. (4) Write the body. Include all necessary facts and figures and touch on all highlights. Broadcast stories are typically 100 to 300 words, based on the amount of time dedicated to the story. 100 words equates to approximately 30 seconds of air time. 5. Write a conclusion. This will wrap up the story in a clear manner. 6. Format your script in accordance with basic broadcast script guidelines which are available online or at the library. 7. Edit the script for grammatical and factual errors. Present to a copy-editor that can find mistakes you overlooked.
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