How To Make Fashion Career Decisions

The fashion industry consists of many different jobs. Choosing a reputable fashion design school isn't enough, you must also choose the right fashion career to get the most of your time in school. Evaluate your areas of interest and talents honestly. Read the guidelines below to find out how to choose a career in fashion. Instructions (1) Evaluate your ability to draw and cut patterns to prepare garments. If you enjoy sketching garments and working with fabrics and trimmings, consider working as a fashion designer. Fashion designers must also have an eye for noticing trends in clothing. (2) Decide whether you prefer to draw designs or go without working with fabrics. If your talents are in the graphic design category, select fashion illustration as your career. Fashion illustrators don't even have to make original drawings. (3) Decide whether you possess talent for predicting future trends in how people dress. If you enjoy bargaining over the cost of things and are business savvy then consider fashion buying as your career. Fashion buyers foretell industry trends and turn them into workable business schemes. (4) Assess your preference for following garment patterns. Pattern making suits those who enjoy converting a fashion designer's plans into working patterns for duplication. Pattern makers must possess keen visualization skills and understand fabric makeup so they can determine whether certain fabrics can support design concepts.
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