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Koboheights was Founded in 2008, koboheights is the leading publisher of information about dream careers and businesses . Our mission is to assist fabulous people who are ready to achieve their dreams.  Koboheights is a video-book publisher and e-book industry pioneer that has published many e-books and video-books.  Koboheights career advice and articles have been published and featured in leading websites including: e-warriors forum, Success digest, Entrepreneur, Naija rules, Fast Company, Microsoft's MSN, Yahoo! and many more. Although koboheights focuses on how to break into a dream career or business in Nigeria, our ideas and suggestions are very practical and have been are very versatile to fit into customs with countries outside nigeria A Few kobo Facts -Koboheights shall be the first e-commerce company to become a business easy- app for mobile phones and tablets coming soon. -Koboheights shall also be launching a social/business website first of its kind anywhere in the world coming soon. -Koboheights represents the Model clubs and societies which are quite scarce in the country e.g: arts club and business research centres etc. In order to inspire people to build their selfworth as well as the worth of this beautiful nation Founders Koboheights was founded in 2008 by Micheal aji . Interviewed by media from Campusbridge magazine to "Innovation today", their career columns and articles appear frequently in newspapers and leading website. They were part authors of the book, Dream Careers. "FabJobbers" Koboheights Micheal Aji has an extensive business background including serving as an officer of several companies with reputable standards. he attended school in the country, and has owned and managed a successful retail business. He has shared his entrepreneurial expertise with students as a volunteer for several voluntary organizations. he is a music lover who named his daughter after an Asa song. he supports causes for children having a better life and passing on kindness.
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