A Different Look At The Curriculum Vitae(CV)

A different look at the curriculum vitae Job search in this country is different and difficult for many job seekers, especially Men & Women of A Certain Age, professionals who are used to being recruited, people at all levels in all professions who have not been involved in a job search or updated and modernized their Curriculum Vitae(CV) for at least the past 3-5 years. Whereas it is true employers do not hire a CV, the vast majority of job seekers are totally unaware of the behind the scenes influence a professional or amateur looking CV has on candidate selection and the subliminal impact it has in an interview. open your minds to a new set of dynamics that can help you get desired results faster and with much less frustration. The key to a successful CV is the same as the key to a successful job interview. You must approach both from the perspective of the Dangote,otedola or adenuga sitting behind the desk asking the questions and not from the vantage point of the person sitting in the interviewee’s chair. In one sentence what this means is “ a CV and job interview is less about what you have to offer than you think it is and everything about what recruiters, screeners, interviewers and decision makers want to buy.” Unless you’re able to avoid the natural tendency to place YOU and what you do best front and center and transition your mindset to understand and address the buyer’s needs, priorities and value system your job search may not go as you hoped and planned
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