How To Write A Modelling Talent Resume

How to Write a Talent/ Modeling Resume I was just updating my resume and I thought I would share my process. Yes, you need a resume to be a model! In the case for talent resumes, go to agency websites to see what other talent have on theirs, and then copy it – with your information. Don’t use fancy fonts or pink backgrounds – just make it look professional and informative. Also pack it all into one page. I heard this story about a two year old came into a talent office with a four-page resume! It was Cute but its not a very good idea especially in nations like nigeria where there are few products that a child can model please try to avoid such as industry people will roll their eyes and miss all of the wonderful information that you have to offer. **Don’t be appalled though, if you’re brand new! There are things you have done that would probably be appropriate for a talent resume even if you haven’t been on a runway. What you want to include: Categorize your acting and modeling experience, i.e.: film, TV, theater, commercials, print, runway. For acting, include the role, the production, and the production company. For print modeling, the client (brand or store), and photographer or publication whichever seems more important; for runway, the client (again- brand, store, or event) and the location and/or date. Put the information in chronological order starting with the most recent up top, until you get very experienced and then sometimes you put your most impressive roles at the top like Training,Activities and interests etc This is a chance to show off your personality. As you can see there is a lot of flexibility. If you are just beginning, you need to really rack your brain for things in your life that you think would apply to the industry, like, did you do skits for church camp? or have you taken fashion design classes at your community Entrepreneurial classes? If you don’t have ANY of these types of things, and you are very young, you could just include a list of your statistics, well formatted, and your activities and interests. If you are in your late-teens or are an adult, you can probably use your non-modeling work experiences to fill in the blank areas. If you know what agency you want to represent you, you could ask them for a template or to look over what you have. If you haven’t gotten that far and are headed to your first meeting with an agency, check out their website and see what their talent has available online and make yours similar.
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