The Power Of Feedback To Event Managers

the importance of obtaining feedback from customers was discussed. It is a crucial tool for event planners especially, because it helps plan for future events. It helps you know what to do next time, what you did right this time, and what the attendees really think of your events. After reading "Ask For Feedback at Every Event", and now that you know the right questions to ask, what exactly do you do with all of that data? It's certainly no use if you collected valuable information, and don't bother to analyze it, so here's a few ideas. 1. Sort the data by who gave it to you. While feedback should be mostly anonymous, try gathering data that allows you to sort by certain types of customers. Perhaps you can do this based on how long they've been a customer, if it was their first time attending the event. Sorting this way may help you gain more insight to the feedback they provided. 2. Don't get offended. Nigerians can be comics sometimes and deliberately make degrading comments on your form which can easily turn you off , but don't get discouraged don't write off any negative comments as "trolls" or "bad belle". Remember that this information is very useful to you in the long run. 3. Don't just pay attention to what went wrong. Be sure to include a section that gathers positive feedback too, so you know what you're doing right. You may be thinking of changing some aspect of the event, but you may not realize that it's something your attendees appreciate. Ask a question "what was the best part of the event?", or "what makes you want to attend each year?" 4. Look for trends. Use social media nairaland and co then pay close attention to what everyone is saying and "obey", if everyone says the event shouldn't be held on a Monday, listen to them. 5. Use the data right away. Nigerians react to trends too so don't just take what you've learned about this one event and save the changes for next year. Apply it immediately to your next event, or event your own job. You may find out something in the way you plan, and may want to change something. Remember that feedback is a great tool, so be sure to use it wisely, and as often as you can (knowing that not everyone will fill out the feedback survey) It can immensely help your customer service experience at your company, and make for a more positive impact at your events. Last but not least, be sure to thank your attendees for taking the time to give you feedback.
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