Cheap Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Cheap Real Estate Marketing Ideas Some of the best methods of marketing real estate are low or no cost. They don't involve much more time than a few minutes per day to implement. Whether you're a real estate broker or a home owner selling your own property, these simple tips will help you get results without busting your budget. (1) Do Your Prep Work A competitive market demands creative, affordable marketing. First, be confident that you have priced the property right so that all of your marketing efforts do not go to waste. Also be sure that the title to the property is clear and that the property is presentable for buyers. (2) Best Use of the Internet Your local "Multiple Listing Service" is still the best way to get broad exposure for your property, and you can cut costs by paying a flat fee plus negotiated commission to the buyer's agent (cheap compared to hiring a full-service real estate agent) (3) Low Tech Marketing and Referrals Prepare a colorful, one-page sales flyer (front and back) with pictures of the front of the house, kitchen, and living room--as well as basic property data, asking price and terms. Keep a good supply of postcards in a box on your sales sign in the front yard. Put cards up on local bulletin boards in shops, canteens and even churches. (5) Get Face to Face with Buyers Run an online classified ad announcing a weekend or evening "Open House" to get face to face with your potential buyers. You might also check with the local housing association to see if it has a newsletter in which to advertise. 6. Be Prepared to Close Follow up on every lead. Make it easy for your potential buyers to move forward with a deal by providing them with information about financing options for your specific property with your marketing material. Have property disclosure information available as well as information about lead based paint hazards if the house was during the mongo park and herbert macaulay era.
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